Yongmin Kim
VFX Artist / Compositor
Personal Summery.
I am a visual effects compositor living in Vancouver. I have a Live Action Visual Effects Compositing experience with Nuke and also confident skilled in Maya, Photoshop, Boujou, Silhouette, Mocha.
I have a strong knowledge of integration CG elements and matte paintings into live action plates, 2D/3D camera tracking, stabilization, painting fixes, rotoscoping, transforming, warping elements and extracting mattes from blue/green screen photography. Also I have a keen eye for color correction and lighting and exposure of stock elements to rendered or photographed elements and plus knowledge of gizmo and python as well.

Sep,2014 Current                                                                                           | Compositor @ Zoic VFX         
-Izombie (TV Series)
-Off the Island (TV Movie)
-The 100 (TV Series)
-Falling skies(TV Series)
-Quantico(TV Series)
-Frankenstein(TV Series)

Responsibility : Photo realistic CG integration into live action plates /seamless compositing /Extract Green Screen and Blue Screen / Look development and finalize the shots / Organize pipe lines and development / Problem solving.

Oct,2013 Sep,2014                                                                                         | Lead Compositor @ SSP VFX
-Hunting Hour (TV Series - 8 episodes)
-Flowers in the Attic (TV Movie)
-Spooksville (TV Series - 2 episodes)
-Signed, Sealed, Delivered (TV Series - 3 episodes)
-Mom's Day Away (TV Movie)
-Happy Face Killer (TV Movie)
-Zapped (TV Movie)
-The Tree That Saved Christmas (TV Movie)
-Run for your life (TV Movie)
-Along Came a Nanny (TV Movie)
-The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story (TV Movie)
-Shimano (Advertisement)

Responsibility : Figure it out how to approach the shots / Set up comp scripts / Look development and finalize the shots / Organize pipe lines and development(gizmo and python script) / Problem solving.

Dec 10, 2012 Feb, 2013                                                                                 | Compositor @ Exile VFX Studio
-End of World (TV Movie)

Responsibility : Create plasma ball effect in nuke 3d space and trail / Arcing effect animation / Scene time wrapping / Composite 2d elements into live action scene / Rotoscoping / Tracking / Color correcting.

July 23, 2012 Dec 3, 2012                                                                            | Compositor @ AnthemFX
-Ring of fire (TV Series -2 episodes)
-Eve of destruction (TV Series -2 episodes)

Responsibility : Composite 3d rendered elements into live action scene / Matte painting / Rotoscoping / Extracting green screen mattes / 2d smoke effect / Tracking / Color correcting.

April 2, 2012 May 25, 2012                                                                         | Compositor @ Gener8
-Amazing Spiderman (Feature Film)          
Responsibility : Stereo painting / Rotoscoping / Tracking / Color correcting.                                                                                                               
Sept. 2011 – Apr. 2012       Lost Boys Studios | School of Visual Effects, Vancouver, BC
                                                Visual Effects Production Diploma


*References are available upon request.